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With the Setting of the Sun by TavieTastic
With the Setting of the Sun
This is the completed YHH for :iconreynhaart-stables: of her beautiful mare, 682 RHS Dolcezza. I hope I've got everything right!
She's such a beautiful scrummy colour, though it was hard trying to get the pink undertones in her pale coat.

I think in total this took me about 6 hours? I'm not sure as I didn't keep count!
I used a combination of my Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor Colour Pencils, and my brand new set of Faber Castell Polychromos. They mix well as they're both oil based.

I may do more YHHs in the future if inspiration strikes me, we shall see. Doing this BG was a big learning curve for me, but I want to push myself to do things like this more often. :nod:

Art (c) :icontavietastic:
Dolcezza (c) :iconreynhaart-stables: / :iconsablewynd:
Dolcezza's design (c) :icons1088:
The Wheel of Fortune by TavieTastic
The Wheel of Fortune

Nastasya was numb. With shock, anger and disbelief. Only a couple of hours earlier she had been planning her and Sweeney's competition campaign in the run up to the next Olympics. Now, here she was nodding automatically as Henry the vet explained the consequences of her stallion's injury.

"He's been very lucky in some respects. Although the wound is deep, it's clean, and I'm hopeful we won't have any problems with infection. Especially as it sounds like you found him pretty quickly after it happened. There is considerable muscle damage I'm afraid, but I think in time he'll be sound enough."

Nastasya suddenly seemed back in the present, instead of in some distant place.

"Sound enough. What exactly do you mean? Sound enough to do what?"

Henry bit his lip and took a deep breath. All too often as a vet he felt like the harbinger of doom, and it was even tougher with Nastasya. For one she was incredibly intimidating despite her small size, and Henry also knew however tough she appeared the news he had could only be devastating. 
"Well, I think eventually he'll be able to do some flatwork, dressage, light hacking, that sort of thing. Though there's the possibility he will always have a limp or uneven stride."

"No jumping? No hunting, or cross country or steeplechases." The woman's face was deadpan, as if she didn't even care or already knew the answer.

"Look, you can never say never, but in this case it would practically be a miracle if it healed that well. In any case he'll be on long term box rest, 6 months at least I think. 3 or 4 of those we'll have him in a hoist so he's not bearing any weight on it. Then maybe we'll see about leading him out to graze for a few minutes each day, but it all depends on him."

Nastasya nodded, mute. She let herself back into Sweeney's stable. He stood immobile, his leg cocooned in bandages with just the tip of the hoof resting on the floor. His eyes were dull with pain, his head low. She crouched down slightly and took his large head in her arms, leaning her cheek on his brow. He sighed.

She whispered to him in Russian, one salty droplet leaking from the corner of her eye, sliding down her cheek before it landed on the Obertaurer's white nose.

"You stupid clumsy brute. What am I meant to do with you now? How did you do this to yourself? After all the times you've saved us both out hunting, how have you crippled yourself in the field you've had since I brought you here?!"

The stallion nudged her. It was an answer she could never understand.

Poor Sweeney Cry emote 

This was originally a two panel piece, the second showing him in his stable in the sling, but I got fed up of trying to colour it so I took it out.

For now, Sweeney will be in semi retirement, and I guess we'll see how well he heals up.
At least Nastasya has Domowina to keep her going.

art, story and characters (c) :icontavietastic:
Sweeney's design (c) :iconkirayli:
Obertaurer (c) :iconabosz007:
The Best Way to Cool Down by TavieTastic
The Best Way to Cool Down
Just a quick little coloured sketch I did :) experimented with a new technique for the hedge which I'm going to work on a bit. 
I'm quite pleased with Nastasya here too, anatomy wise. I think my humans might be improving :faint: it's about time :XD:

It was the midday lull at Chater Valley Stud. The yard seemed deserted, the only sound that of flies or the occasional tail swishing. All the grooms and riders had retreated to inside the staff room, which was thankfully still cool, protected from the sun by the ancient stone walls. That was all except one. Nastasya was still outside, riding, in the heat. Even Alvis had seemed surprised despite his own work ethic.

Linus had raised an eyebrow as she led the young mare, Domowina, tacked up out of her stable.

"Don't you think it's a bit mean to make her work in this heat?" He leant on the door of Paprika's stable, who was dozing. 

Nastasya didn't seem to pay him any attention, she just adjusted the bridle slightly, and then swiftly, before Wina could protest, tightened the girth. Finally she responded to Linus with a withering look.

"I think it would be meaner to never make her work in the heat, and then one day at a competition, force her too when she would not be used to it."

"Fair point I suppose. Still I don't know how you can bear it. I've only got to lift a finger to break a sweat." Linus smirked slightly at his own joke. 

Nastasya raised an eyebrow and then clicked once at Wina and they began to walk down the stable aisle. Just before they disappeared into the glare of the aggressive daylight she replied.

"I shouldn't think that would be a problem for you then Linus. After all, when do you ever lift a finger?"


Domowina had worked well, despite the burning sun. She was still willing, not sluggish, and she seemed to enjoy the challenges Nastasya set. The Russian woman felt it wouldn't be long before they were ready to enter some smaller competitions. Though you could never tell, the thought filled her with excitement, as most things to do with Domowina had. Even though the filly hadn't been born in Russia, somehow she made Nastasya feel at home. She patted the mare's dark, sweaty neck as they walked back up to the yard. For once Nastasya felt she was tired enough that she didn't need to keep her reins so tight to prevent unplanned 360 degree turns or sideways jumps that could cross the English Channel. 

Despite her antics, Nastasya felt Wina was going to be something special. She had a lot to learn, and still needed to grow into herself, but she was so powerful and intelligent, and already it was so much easier to channel her energy. It helped that the bond between them grew stronger all the time too. Nastasya jumped off the tall mare, leading her back into the shade of the stables. She quickly and efficiently removed her tack and sponged her down, every now and then sub consciously stroking the Admiralskaya. It was something you couldn't always do with Sweeney.

It was still so warm that once the tack was put away, Domowina was nearly dry again. Nastasya untied her and led her back into the scorching day. The closer they walked to her field, Wina perked up more and more, finally jogging the last few metres to the gate. However when her head collar was off she did not gallop off, but waited impatiently with her rider.

"Aah, are you waiting for a reward Venus? I'm sorry, I don't know that I remembered one." Nastasya laughed at the mare's wounded expression. However she didn't give up that easily. She nuzzled Nastasya's hands with her soft muzzle, sniffed at her pockets. Finally she investigated the back pockets, and her ears flew forward as she heard a tell tale crackle.

Nastasya reached her hand into the pocket and drew out an ice cream in a bright pink wrapper.

"Aha! found something have you? I'm not sure you'll like it, it's to cool me down."

Wina pulled her best puppy eyes, and Nastasya relented. She carefully removed the ice lolly from it's packaging, noting it was practically as bright as the sun itself. She took a lick herself before holding the lolly up in front of Domowina. The mare sniffed it and then rubbed it slightly with her lips. Finally her long pink tongue emerged as she took a long slurp of the now slightly melting lolly. 

Nastasya laughed, for once her smile visible, now she was away from all the other people.

"Moya durochka*."

*hopefully translates as 'my silly girl' or similar! (thanks abosz)

Story, art, Nastasya (c) :icontavietastic:
Domowina's design (c) :iconmelonheadgirl:
Traditional YHH Auction *ENDS IN 2 HRS* by TavieTastic
Traditional YHH Auction *ENDS IN 2 HRS*
Please note this is not a good quality image of the drawing. It looks much better really, I promise!
The horse can be changed for different head shape etc, which is why I left the sketch in pencil. The winner can also decided if they want the horse lined in ink, or if they want it lineless.

I can add feathering, change the length of the mane and tail, change head shape, change gender etc.

Coloured with artist grade colour pencils (LYRA rembrandt polycolors on fine grain middleweight paper)

Here are a few examples of my finished work properly scanned/photographed:  


AUTOBUY: 5000 Points (to encourage bidding)

START BID: 1500 Points (maybe it seems high, but you've got to bear in mind I'm using real paper and pencils, and these things cost money!)


  • The auction ends Monday 28th July at 11:59pm GMT (British time guys :P )
  • Minimum increments when bidding are 100 points
  • If winner does not send points within 72 hourse of bidding ending, I may either re auction the piece or offer to the runner up in the bidding
  • IF you think you have won, do NOT send points until I've confirmed
  • I reserve the right to end bidding at any point if I choose to. 

No reference!
3 hrs work so far. will probably spend another 2 on it.
A4 paper
all (c) :icontavietastic:
Diadochos x Last Minute by TavieTastic
Diadochos x Last Minute
For :iconsaefaxa:

CVS Diadochos x GFEC Last Minute

Name: Up to Saefaxa Would be nice if it was Greek like her sire's name, or related to it somehow. (It is the title formerly given to the Crown Prince of Greece, also a group of generals who all fought over the ancient greek throne I think :) )
Gender: filly
Colour: Silver? Wild Bay (basically it's up to you if you want the silver gene or not. The light tail and partial mane are possible without silver, some wild bays show this characteristic, but I thought I'd let you decide) She's also carrying one copy of flaxen too. NOTE the light amber eyes - something often found in Admiralskayas that Nikos has.
Genotype: Ee/A+a/(nZ?)/fF
Estimated Height: 17hh (173cm)
Personality: (feel free to completely change if you like) Seems very independent and curious. She is always sticking her nose in where she shouldn't (pockets, bags, buckets, grooming kits, car windows etc) Doesn't seem scared of anything. Unlike all of Niko's other offspring, she is generally friendly. However every now and then she gets in a real grump, and then you see behaviour more typical of her grandsire, Alexandro. When she's in one of these moods the safest place is probably on top of her, because she'll be baring those teeth at everyone and using any excuse to kick out. She's quite impatient so doesn't want to be doing repetitive tasks.
Quirks: She quite often sits down like a dog in the field. Hopefully she won't do it when ridden, but who knows. One of her tricks is 'smiling' to get a treat. She licks the faces of people she likes. Prepare to be slobbered on :evillaugh:

design (c) :icontavietastic:
lines (c) :iconabosz007:
Well today was a day when I just felt like tucking into a large piece of cake. Unfortunately I'm on a diet, so cake was a big fat no. Instead I thought I would console myself by doing some window shopping.
Not for clothes, because I find that a tiring and often depressing activity, but instead for art materials. 
However it wasn't long before window shopping became ooh-just-one-pencil shopping, and then of-course-I-need-a-new-sketchbook-too, and then -OOH-LOOK-AT-ALL-THESE-PRETTY-PENCILS-I-TOTALLY-NEED

I don't really regret it though. The pencils and sketchbook are still making me feel happy and I haven't even opened them. No post cake guilt!
I was planning to start sketching tonight but it might be tomorrow as I ended up spending longer than I planned having supper with a friend. 
The other art shopaholics among you might be curious as to what I got. The rest of you can listen anyway :P

The Booty:

  • Faber-Castell Grip Plus 0.7mm mechanical pencil
  • some spare 0.7mm leads
  • Derwent Eraser pack (includes an art eraser and a Soft art eraser, I'm curious to see how different they are)
  • A Faber-Castell pencil sharpener with the 3 different sized holes. I have one the same but it is quite old and half broken and I think the blades on it are not their sharpest anymore
  • Lyra Rembrandt Polycolour 'Profi Plus' set, which is an assortment of 12 hard and soft grey tones plus black and white. I have the set of 90 of these colour pencils, but it doesn't have half of these greys and they come in very useful, so of course I had to have them! ;)
  • Lyra Farb-Riesen Color Giants skin tones, a set of 12 chunky colour pencils designed for colouring in skin. I saw a review recommending these, and commenting on the different in colour to the similar tones in the Polycolour pencils I have, so my curiosity got the better of me and I bought them.
  • A Canson sketchbook. A fine grained white paper with a medium weight. I'm always on the hunt for the perfect paper. I don't like too much grain on paper, particularly for drawings A4 and smaller as it's difficult to get a reasonably smooth finish. However it has to be grainy enough that you can get a reasonable amount of layers of colour. I'm hoping this will be a good balance, but otherwise I can use it for the pencil and pen sketches I scan to colour in digitally, or just for rough sketching.
Here it all is:
20140716 004307 by TavieTastic

I know a lot of traditional artists on here like the Faber-Castell polychromos for colour pencil work but I'd really recumbent the lyra rembrandt polycolors. They aren't quite as heavy or oily and so I think you can layer more colours than with the polychromos. Plus the range of colours is really good, particularly the neutrals which you so often use for horses! Though I love the blues and greens too. 
Let's just say it's not often I get my box of 12 polychromos out! Though the two brands also work together well as they're both oil based.

If anyone has any paper they love using let me know! or any other must have items in your opinion :D

Hopefully you'll see some more stuff from me soon using my new materials :D please pester me, I have no excuse after the rather expensive shopping trip :giggle:


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